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ADDICTED — This site provides information to help with the prevention of substance abuse. People can search by county or city and have access to all the 70+ types of services covered in their database, such as treatment, prevention services, language-specific services, & age-specific services. Their database includes a comprehensive listing of every addiction service available in Pennsylvania, as well as the rest of the country.

ADDICTION GROUP — Addiction Group is an informational web guide created for people struggling with substance use disorders, alcohol use disorders, and co-occurring mental health disorders.

ADDICTION RESOURCE — Find the best drug and alcohol rehab center near you.

AIDSINFO - NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH — Education and resource center for patients, general public and health care providers. (English and Spanish)

THE BODY — A complete HIV Resource

THE BODY — What You Need to Know About the New Coronavirus and HIV

CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL NATIONAL CENTER FOR HIV, STD & TB PREVENTION — This site offers AIDS and HIV information, including publications, a wide range of HIV documents, statistics and links.

CENTER FOR VISION LOSS — The Center for Vision Loss will provide a comprehensive set of preventative, rehabilitative, support and social services enabling blind and visually impaired clients to achieve their personal goals and restore quality of life consistent with those goals. Agency serves residents of Lehigh, Northampton and Monroe counties.

DETOX REHAB — Provides expert information for individuals and families struggling to find recovery by vetting and researching rehab centers. The site makes it easy to find the top five centers in your home state or out of state. A State-by-State full listing is included as well. The site also provides information for different community needs, such as help for veterans, LGBTQ+ friendly programs, free or Medicaid accepting treatment facilities, and pet-friendly facilities. Free educational guides are available on various topics.

DRUG REHAB CONNECTIONS — We are a group of individuals who want to help those battling addiction by finding them the help they need. We are not a treatment center. We are an independent website that understands the importance of recognizing an addiction and helping guide those who need help to find treatment and rehabilitation.

FACT (FIGHTING AIDS CONTINUOUSLY TOGETHER) — A Lehigh Valley-based organization of concerned people committed to raising money to assist individuals and families affected by HIV.

FISCAL TIGER — A listing of Financial Assistance Resources for Individuals With HIV

MENTAL HEALTH AND ADDICTION RESOURCES — Mental health and addiction resources available at no cost at all. Some are informative, meant to educate you about the illness or addiction so you know exactly what it is and how others have successfully overcome it. Others are action-based, supplying you with the tools or exercises necessary to begin to live a better life.

NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION LIFELINE — The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a national network of local crisis centers that provides free and confidential emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 1-800-273-8255

PENNSYLVANIA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH — HIV facts, testing sites and statistics.

RESOURCES FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS LIVING WITH HIV — Students living with HIV might have many concerns about embarking on college life. Will they be treated differently? Will they be stigmatized or discriminated against? Aspiring students will be happy to learn that they shouldn’t be treated any differently than anyone else on their college campus.

START YOUR RECOVERY — Reliable substance abuse information and support tailored for you.

STOP HIV — State-of-the-art information on education and prevention topics, health care services, support groups, screening and testing, financial assistance and transportation services.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES ADMINISTRATION — The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is the agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that leads public health efforts to advance the behavioral health of the nation. SAMHSA's mission is to reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on America's communities. SAMHSA offers a huge resource for locating treatment facilities and programs in the United States or U.S. Territories for mental and substance use disorders.

TESTING.COM — Talking to your teen about sex can be extremely challenging and downright awkward. But it’s critical to talk to your teen about sex and the risks involved, particularly when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases. This guide helps parents talk to teens about sex, and specifically STD prevention and testing.

VERYWELL — A comprehensive site that provides information for those living with the disease and those who care about them.

THE WELL PROJECT — A website created by and for women living with HIV offering the latest information on managing the disease. The site includes fact sheets, a resource directory, a physician network and confidential discussion boards.

Online Magazines

A&U Magazine — A magazine created for the HIV-affected community celebrating people living with AIDS. Includes features, news and reviews.

HIVPlus — Well-written articles addressing research, treatment and living with HIV.

POZ — This magazine was founded primarily to get information to HIV+ persons for whom it could extend or improve the quality of their lives.