Board Members and Staff

Victoria McKinzey-Gonzalez, Executive Director

Was Program Manager of AIDSNET before becoming Executive Director. Sits on PA-DOH committees.

Kevin Westgate, Fiscal Officer

Extensive accounting experience in both the for-profit and non-profit realms.

Julie Walsh, Program Manager

Expertise in administrative, fiscal, programmatic, and operational management; team development and coaching, facilitation and training, and program monitoring and reporting.

Carol Vanderhoff, Program Specialist

Pharmacy background, listens to what people have to say, troubleshoots, finds alternatives when hitting a wall and passionate about helping people.

Cindy Berish, Administrative Assistant

Legal background, organized, detail oriented and is AIDSNET's institutional memory.

Greg Reppert, Board Chair

Committed to AIDSNET's mission, six years experience serving on the AIDSNET Allocations Committee. Runs a family-owned business and invests in real estate.

Lisa Spiro, Secretary/Treasurer

Biotech professional with experience in HIV testing, reimbursement and patient care. Dedicated to improving the lives of people living with HIV by providing new diagnostics tests that improve their quality of life.

Steel Stacks in Bethlehem PA

Steel Stacks in Bethlehem PA